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Behind the ProSilva machine you find only the nature’s own tracks

The optimal simple structure of ProSilva machines is made with good-quality components. The heart of the machine is a hydraulic pump with a great volume, which is connected directly to the engine. Without a transfer box and several separate hydraulic pumps the efficiency can be maximized and the number of replaceable parts can be minimized.

  • effective technology for around-the-year timber harvesting

  • does not damage nature, runs without leaving tracks

  • unique chassis structure

  • optimal centre of gravity

  • great pulling power, outstanding hill-climbing capability

  • diverse felling head and loader options

  • additional equipment for tilling, planting and fertilizing

  • track system

ProSilva machines are extremely reliable. In practice they have been tested in the demanding conditions of South America, where the operating hours of the machine are over 5000 annually.


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